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"The Power Of One"

In the wake of the unrest of communities around the world, Bootsy Collins and his love funk ambassadors are creating an artist-driven campaign spreading hope with the power of music. To spread peace, love, and harmony instead of engaging in violence.

''I'm so satisfied my new tattoo. That's the style I was looking for. Great tattoo artist and professional service.''

- Boosty Collins

Bootsy Collins

"Funk Not Fight"

In the face of senseless violence, the tragic killings that claim lives daily, and the loss of our precious youths, Bootsy Collins presents "Funk Not Fight," a powerful movement curated by the renowned musician and funk legend, Bootsy Collins.

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Support The Cause

Bootsy Collins Presents: Funk Not Fight Movement

What Is It All About?

The core concept driving "Funk Not Fight" is to combat the darkness of conflicts and violence with the illuminating power of music, particularly the infectious rhythms of funk. This movement aims to spread messages of peace, love, and harmony inspiring a collective commitment to put an end to violence and embrace harmony instead.

Our work

What is the message

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Stop The Violence, Stop The Killing

Through this initiative, Bootsy Collins aims to promote a message of peace, love, and harmony, encouraging people to come together, regardless of their backgrounds or differences, and enjoy the unifying force of music. The name "Funk Not Fight" suggests that instead of resorting to conflict or negativity, we can choose to embrace the universal language of music and dance to bridge gaps and build connections among people.

Through the captivating beats and soul-stirring melodies of funk music, we endeavor to reach hearts and minds, urging everyone to rise above hatred, animosity, and divisions. Together, we can create a world where compassion and understanding triumph, safeguarding our youths from the devastation of violence.

Look, This Is What I want from you.

"Funk Not Fight" is a call for action, a plea to set aside weapons and grievances, and instead, wield the transformative force of music to heal wounds, mend broken communities, and unite us as one human family.

Let us stand together, shoulder to shoulder, as we groove to the rhythm of change and collectively build a brighter future. With "Funk Not Fight," we can amplify the message of love and unity, and strive towards a world free from violence, where the beauty of humanity shines undimmed.

What Are We Looking For

Inspirational creatives (rappers, poets, singers, instrumentalists etc.) to not only have their tracks featured on the album, but also write and perform an original song for the project with a host of high profile artists TBA. Don’t have your own material but want to feature your vocals on one of the albums leads tracks? Submit an example of you on a track to be considered.

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Scarlett Sanders


''YO! Stop killing us, I want to enjoy my life as a kid, Grow up to experience, my18th Birthday, Is that too much to ask.

The kid who lives next door to you

Dontae; I have dreams to become a doctor.

Ready get to help support the cuase?

Join the movement, and let the harmonious chords of funk resound as a powerful reminder that together, we have the capacity to create a more compassionate and peaceful world for all. Together, let us embrace "Funk Not Fight" and let love and understanding be the guiding stars in our journey towards a better tomorrow


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Meet The Funkateer Team

Cheryl Lynn Woodhouse

Funk Dance Ambassador 

Specializes in black and gray realism. Originally from New York. Mark specializes in photorealistic black and gray with dynamic composition.

Bootsy & Patti Collins

Club Funkateers Founder

Specializes in illustrative fine art in color & black and gray. Steven has achieved great success making tattos for very known celebrities in hip hop space.

Zack Roberson

Club Funkateers VP

Specializes in single needle and fine line. Lisa started her career as a tattoo artist in Canada. Now she's one of the best artists in the world.

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We're a team of three professioanlly trained and certified people. We do tattoos every single day so you can be sure that we have a demand from people. Our tattoo salon is located on Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213. 

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It does hurt but it's not that painful to be honest. But once it's done you will have an amazing tattoo on your body. Most of the clients afterwards say that pain wasn't that bad.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, walk ins are welcome and will be addressed on a first come first serve basis. Please give us a call beforehand for availability. Artists are not always available for walk ins.

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No. We will absolutely not tattoo anyone under 18, even with the presence of a legal guardian.

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Our tattos start from $100 and piercings from $50 and up. Price depends on a tattoo sizes and complexity.

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